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Digital Signage San Diego

At Digital Signage San Diego we offer hardware, software, creative and content, hosted solutions, support, and training to prospective clients. We will tailor a digital signage service to meet your specific needs. The scope of our support can be customized to meet your requirements from hooking up devices to creating custom content and everything else that you might need.


Let our professional team worry about all the difficult tasks. We know just how vain signage hardware can ultimately prove to be if it’s not installed properly. T Digital Signage San Diego a 90 Degree Branding’s Company,  is well-respected in the industry for its numerous professional installation services as they pay individual attention to each facility’s unique requirements.

We handle everything ranging from wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, free standing digital signage displays and digital signage enclosures in addition to installing hardware racks to hanging projectors and running cables throughout your premises. Our team is well-trained and thoroughly experienced in CAD blueprints, trained in the use of all necessary heavy equipment and pay acute attention to detail in all tasks assigned.

Content Design

We’ll create your vision for you. Your company’s image is directly correlated to the quality of your digital signage content. Our graphics team can create extraordinary content in line with your brand identity and the atmosphere of your property. Building on the concepts provided by you, our team will liaison with you to create the most dazzling HD content that will make your audience take note.

Where Design Meets Communication

Is there a message that you feel can captivate your audiences, but you fail to visually express it? Look no further, as our in-house graphics designers can handle that for you.

Capture &

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